Sunday, June 9, 2013

Parallel Thinking

I have been reading lot of articles on power of human brain and its untapped capabilities. That lead me to some self observation and thinking, and I came across one interesting capability of human brain, parallel thinking! The content of this blog could be familiar to many of you, and for some it might me something practiced but never used.

Have you ever observed that you are thinking two or more different things at the same time? I am not talking about sequential thinking over multiple issues one-after-other in a repetitive way; I am talking about thinking at the same time, multiple issues at the same moment of time. People can think about two, three or multiple things at the same time depending upon their mental capability and control over brain.

Think about this amazing power, with control and practice you could be ultimate multitasker. Performing multiple thought processes at the same time, could be something that we all would like to achieve it will help in achieving lot of time saving and realizing true mental abilities. I have been practicing it every day, and got some success in running two parallel thought processes at the same time. It’s an amazing feeling, it all started with my recent work load, and requirement to discussions at with many people at the same time. I started to realize that I can discuss on one topic with one person, at the same time thinking about other work item giving due attention to both of them. Speaking and thinking in two different processes was easy, but true parallel thinking took lot more practice and concentration. I am still thriving to master it completely.

It will be really interesting to share my experiences and experiments and hear from others who may be interested in the same, that’s why I thought of putting it on blog…

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ground Zero: Notes and conversations from India Gate

Time: 6:00 AM- Shameless lathicharge by Delhi Police at India Gate, Vijay Chowk, and Rajpath. All places are evacuated.

Time 7:00 AM- On my way to India Gate, seems like fog and sudden fall in temperature is going to test spirit along with government and police.

Time 8:00 AM- On my way to India Gate using Delhi metro got to know that all nearby stations are closed, reached Rajiv Chowk. Most of the autowalas were reluctant to go to India Gate in the beginning (though heard that they were very supportive later in the day).

Conversation with Kamal (Autowala)
   Kamal: Sir aap bhi India Gate ja rahe hai kya protest karne
   Me: Haan, us liye hi jar aha hoon
   Kamal: Saalo ko India Gate par hi latka dena chaiye, lekin Government aisa karegi nahi
   Me: Kyu? Tumhe kyu lagta hai ki Government aisa nahi karegi?
   Kamal: (laughing) Agar Faasi wala kanoon ban jata hai to aadhi sansad khaali ho jayegi, ab koi apni maut ka bill thode hi na pass karega.
   Me: Baat to sahi hai, vaise bhi jo aisa crime karta hai uske paas kisi na kisi ka support jaroor hota hai.
   Kamal: Baat to sahi bole aap, hum jaise log to apni zindagi main hi kaafi busy rahte hai. Din bhar mahnat karte hai ki apne bacaho ko do time ka khana acche se de paye.
   Me: Sahi bolte ho tum, ek aam aadmi in chakkar se dur hi rahta hai…
   Kamal: Vaise ek baat bolu, bura mat maan-na, is sab andolan protest se kuch nahi hone wala… roz hote rahte hai aise protest Dilli main
   Me: Vo to main nahi bol sakta, lekin agar kuch thoda bhi fark padta hai to mere liye kaafi hai. Ye log kuch acche kaaran ke kaaran yahan par hai… mujhe laga ki inke saath khade rahna chaiye to main aa gaya
(by the time we reached India Gate)
   Kamal: (Originally agreed with Rs. 60): Aap pachas (Rs. 50) hi de do, aap se jyada nahi le sakta…

Time 8:15 AM: Police barred me from entering India Gate, saw a group of journalists and camera crew of TV18, and joined them. A cameraman noticed me and understood my intentions, he nodded me to join them.

Time 8:25 AM: In front of India Gate, heavy fog and 50 people and equally number police in the area. Things were very calm. A group of bicyclists is there who were planning bicycle rally to support the cause and also environment. Media is interviewing almost everyone as there are very few people around.

Time 9:00 AM: Heavy police with some high ranking officials closing in, people are coming in from all directions in small groups.

Time 9:05 AM: A group of bikers came in (no clue how they entered), all attention went there in heavy silencer sounds. Bikes includes Herley Devison, Ninja, Hayabusa, Hysung, Royal Enfield and many more known high end bikes. They were there for about half n’ hour with posters, slogans etc. and then left for next destination.

Time 9:30 AM: A mixed group of elderly and young ones took a pledge to respect and stop such crimes.

Time 9:40 AM: Crowd is about 200-300, police started to use light force to send us out. People have started formal protest. Seems like few street dogs have also joined us, and one of them knows handshake as well :)

Time 10:00 AM: Things are heating up now and police is using ‘more’ force. Just heard police head directing policemen to control and get everyone inside bus to escort them out.

Time 10:05 AM: Met a Japanese tourist (aged guy, don’t know his name), he asked me when are the band playing (Republic Day rehearsals), I said that it won’t be today and probably next few days as well, as protest is going on. He asked me what is this protest all about? When I started explaining about it, surprisingly he knew about the whole case. He said, “what young people doing here is incredible and totally right. People should do it, I am happy to see so many people coming for support.” (I saw him hanging around for next hour or so and talking to many people).

Time 10:30 AM: Police started using force, few guys are forced inside bus. Glasses of bus are now broken and people are on roof.  Girls are sleeping in front and under the bus to block it. Lady police is called and some of girls are escorted out of India Gate premises in police van.

Time 11:00 AM: Heated discussion between our group and police. Some people are going ballistic, few anti social elements also entered to destroy whole dynamics. Got my first police ka danda (though a very slow one, but hurts in winter)

Time 11:30 AM: People who came for peaceful protest started to move out to go to Jantar Mantar and others are protesting. Police caught few vocal ones and forcing them out.

Time 12:00 noon: More people are in, including some more anti socials (seems like they are directed by someone(?) to join the protestors ). I decided to move out, and join people at Jantar Mantar/ Ramlila Maidan.

Conversation with Ka****hji (senior constable, Delhi Police ), I am not disclosing his name here:
                On my way out, I saw a nod from a decent looking elderly policeman. I approached him to get directions towards Jantar Mantar and thus an interesting conversation started (some parts are reproduced).
                Ka****h: Hum bhi ye sab nahi karna chahte, par kya kare duty hai.
                Me: Main samajhta hoon, aap apna kaam kar rahe hai aur hum humara.
                Ka****h: Main bhi chahta hoon ki un sab ki yahan par hi latka diya jaye. Lekin vo itna jaldi nahi ho sakta. Hamare yahan itna sakth kanoon nahi hai. Aur jo hai vo lagu nahi hota.
                Me: Aap log bhi to kuch to kar sakte hai, apna kaam agar har koi imandaari se kare to koi problem hi na ho.
                Ka****h: Sab tarah ke log hote hai, kya kar sakte hai. Aap kahan se aaye hai?
                Me: Noida se…
                Ka****h: Chalo jo bhi ho raha hai uako dekh kar agar kuch accha ho to badiya hoga, un logon ko aisi saja deni chaiye ki aage se koi himmat nahi kare.
                Me: Saja dene se sab khatm nahi hoga, logon ko bhi samajhna hoga… karne wale bhi hum main se hi to the na… dara kar kuch nahi hone wala, (laughing) aap bhi do dino se hum logon ko dara rahe hai, kuch hua kya??
                Ka****h: (laughing) sahi bolte to, do din se main bhi yahi duty kar raha hoon. Sach main accha nahi lagta ye sab karna
                (We shaked hand and he walked with me to safely drop me out, I really felt bad about him and his situation)

Time 12:30 AM: Out of India Gate, took an auto to Jantar Mantar but Autowala told me its 144 there as well, so dropped my plan and went back to Rajiv Chowk and back to Noida.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Delhi Incident: Aftermath

The dark forces of the beautiful Delhi have marked their presence once again, and this time victim was a 23 years old girl. This time she was not alone, but traveling with her a friend. After every such incident we raise our concerns over media, in parliament, on social networks, over blogs, in homes, offices and small tea stalls around every corner of the city. But, after few months it will be a forgotten story, why?? Because we are so ‘great’, ‘resilient’, know how to ‘move on’ and many other adjectives could be given to support this, but the fact it that it is nothing more than ‘ignorance’. We talk about this for some time, slowly start be feel better that it didn’t happened to someone we know and then get busy with our daily life.

It was really hard for even a person like me, who thinks that surrounding usually don’t affect me, to just read about this incident. So, imagine what that girl must have gone though. I still get shiver while reading doctor’s statement, and her friend’s recount of the incident. It is really hard to believe that such animalistic behavior still exists in humans (if we bother to call those people human). These people were not merciless terrorists; they were normal citizen of this country, who can be found around the block in every city, and village.

I am saying all these things because I am hearing the demands of people, political parties, student unions etc. to ensure death or other extreme measures for anyone who commits this type of crime. But, is it really the solution? This time, accused could get a tough sentence as they do not belong to ‘privileged class’ of politicians, businessmen etc. But, will people stop committing such heinous crimes? What will happen to girls like Ankita, Ruchika etc. who are victimized (in a similar way) by so called ‘privileged class’?

You cannot make people to behave in certain way by just threatening them with a tough sentence, it can bar them for sometime but instincts can’t be killed by force. It could be a good means, but it will not last for long time, especially in this country, where people are notoriously known for coming up with “work arounds”. Is government, politicians, court really serious when they say that they will hang all accused, especially given the fact that many accused are around them (politicians, businessmen, military(?) etc).

Then what could be more effective solution to this problem, if not force then what? I think that the best way to control this problem is the proper counseling at grass root level to develop understanding and respect towards opposite sex, especially in Indian social setup. This counseling cannot be done at any consoling center in specific. A complete effort will be needed, including that at home, playground, collages, schools, and in social circles. One cannot expect a person to respect other sex if he has seen his mother, sister beaten by father and other family members right from the childhood. Apart from this, there has been a growing frustration and insecurity among people which lead to these type of incidents directly or indirectly. Frustration from their current state (financial, job, family etc.) and insecurity about their future, some commits suicide, some commits crimes and some turns towards alcohol-drugs etc. The current case is outcome of effect of alcohol (as per one of the convict), so it is important to go into the root of the problem before start to look for a solution, ‘quick fixes’ won’t work every time and probably they won’t work this time.

In the end, I just pray for the victim and hope that her life will be saved by doctors, and more importantly may god and society give her courage to live a life with positive outlook for the future.           

Sunday, December 2, 2012

ज़िन्दगी रूकती नहीं है...

Life could be very simple or sometimes very complicated. For some people it could be celebration and for others it could be never ending darkness. But, the ultimate truth is that life never stops. It keeps on going with new experiences and new experiments… So this poem is for that special journey called life!

ज़िन्दगी रूकती नहीं है...

कभी अंधेरो सी, कभी उजालों सी,
कभी समन्दर की गहराईयों सी,
कभी आकाश सी उचाईयों सी,
ये डोर टूटती नहीं है, ज़िन्दगी रूकती नहीं है...

कही रोज़ की आपाधापी में खो जाती है,
तो कही किसी मोड़ पर चैन की नींद सो जाती है,
कभी गिरती है, कभी संभलती है,
फिर उठ कर चलने लगती है, ज़िन्दगी रूकती नहीं है...

कुछ अपनों के लिए, कुछ परायों के लिए,
कभी हंसती है, कभी उदास  होती है,
कुछ जानी सी, कुछ  अनजानी सी,या शायद पहचानी सी,
एक ख़त्म न होती  कहानी सी,ज़िन्दगी रूकती नहीं है...

किसी के प्यार से किसी की तकरार से,
किसी के वादों से, किसी की यादों से,
कुछ उनसुलझे सवालों से, कुछ ख़ास जवाबों से,
हर दौर से ये  गुज़रती है, पर, ज़िन्दगी रूकती नहीं है।


Thursday, November 22, 2012

26/11: हिंदुस्तान की कसम - Kalpesh Yagnik

**** Following post is taken from Dainik Bhaskar (, I do not own any rights for it and all views express in the post were of the original writer of the post. It was published long back, but in the light of current events, I think its worth sharing. ****

कल्पेश याग्निक; भास्कर समूह के नेशनल एडिटर हैं, उन्होंने यह लेख मुंबई हमले के तत्काल बाद लिखा था| इसमें निकृष्ट नेताओं को नकार, आतंक के विरुद्ध एकजुट होने की गौरव गाथा का वर्णन था|

बह रोने की आवाज से हुई। टीवी पर अमर जांबाजों के साथी सैनिकों द्वारा उनके पार्थिव शरीर पर तिरंगे तह कर सलीके से रखे जाने के दृश्य पर देशभर की अनेक महिलाओं के साथ मेरी पत्नी भी आंसू न रोक सकी। बाहर बच्चे को स्कूल वैन तक छोड़ने आई एक युवती सेलफोन पर रुंधे गले से बता रही थी कि बेटे ने अखबार देखकर कहा: मम्मी, इसके डैडी तो मर गए! भीतर मेजर उन्नीकृष्णन की मां फफक रही थीं। चैनल बदलने पर रतन टाटा को भर्राए गले से बोलते सुना। फिर ताज के स्वागत कक्ष में मातमी माहौल, बिखरे कांच, टूटते दिल और यह सब बताते हुए फूट-फूट कर रोती बरखा दत्त।

सारा राष्ट्र रो रहा था। किंतु यह कोई कमजोरी का क्रंदन नहीं था। न ही किसी विवशता का रुदन था। ये पलकें तो आहत होने से भीगी थीं। तीन दिनों से बंधी हिचकियों का खुलना था। कलेजा मुंह को आ गया था। सो फट पड़ा। अपनों को खोने का दुख था। किसी और के अपनों के जाने का दु:ख था। इजरायली बच्ची के माता-पिता के मारे जाने का सदमा ठीक उतना ही गहरा जितना ताज के जनरल मैनेजर की जयपुर में पढ़ चुकी पत्नी और दो बच्चों का। सब हिंदुस्तानी। जो भी आतंक के विरुद्ध- वे सब हिंदुस्तानी। जो भी आतंक के साथ- वे सब आतंकी। जैसे 9/11 पर फ्रांस के एक अखबार की हेडलाइन थी: आज हम सब अमेरिकी हैं।

26/11 को देश पर हमला, 29/11 को देश एकजुट उस रात हमारे मुंह पर था कि हम पर आक्रमण हो गया। आतंक अंतहीन है। हमारा खून बहता जा रहा है। अब हमारे सीने शहीदों की शान में तने हुए हैं। कमांडो कितने ताकतवर हैं, उनकी हिम्मत की सानी नहीं, तीन दिन-रात चले इस खतरनाक ऑपरेशन के दौरान कई जांबाजों ने पानी तक नहीं पीया- ये बातें हमारे बीच हैं। हमले के दूसरे ही दिन गोलियों की बौछारों के बीच आम आदमी, युवतियां व छात्र भी, सुरक्षा बलों का हौसला बढ़ाने के लिए नारे लगा रहे थे।

यह नया मुंबई था, नया हिंदुस्तान था। 1993 के खौफनाक मुंबई धमाकों के कुछ ही घंटों में शहर सामान्य हो गया था। इस बार नहीं हुआ। डटा रहा। एकदम निडर। इंडिया अटैक्ड से इंडिया युनाइटेड। भ्रष्ट राजनीति, त्रस्त जनता तीन साल में आतंकी हमलों में 800 निर्दोषों की जान जा चुकी हैं। किंतु क्या तब के और अबके प्रधानमंत्री, गृहमंत्री, मुख्यमंत्री या एकाधे सांसद ने ही कभी गद्दी त्यागने की पेशकश तक की। न अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी में इतना माद्दा था कि किसी मंत्री को बर्खास्त करते, न डॉ. मनमोहन सिंह से ऐसे दमखम की किसी को उम्मीद है।

गृहमंत्री शिवराज पाटिल इतने गैर-जिम्मेदार निकले कि 200 कंमाडों फोर्स को दो घंटे के भीतर मुंबई भेजने की अति गोपनीय, अति संवेदनशील जानकारी खुलेआम टीवी चैनलों को दे डाली। क्या इसलिए कि आतंकी मजे में टीवी पर देख सकें कि उनके मुकाबले के लिए सरकार कितनी देर में क्या करने जा रही है?यही नहीं- आज तक कभी किसी शासनाध्यक्ष ने खुफिया तंत्र की नाकामी से इतनी जानें जाने के बावजूद किसी अफसर को बर्खास्त नहीं किया। क्यों? कोई रॉ प्रमुख, कोई आईबी प्रमुख, कोई गृहसचिव, कोई पुलिस प्रमुख आज तक किसी आतंकी हमले से खुद तो विचलित नहीं ही हुआ, कोई इनका बाल तक बांका न कर सका। जांचों के जीवाश्म अनंत हैं- उतने ही अजर हैं उच्च पदों पर बैठे निर्लज्ज नेता व अफसर। हालांकि पहली बार लोगों की घृणा इन सब के विरुद्ध खुलकर सामने आई है। नया हिंदुस्तान जो है।

समुद्री मार्ग: 15 साल बाद भी भंवर 1993 में मुंबई पर हमला इसलिए हो सका क्योंकि अरब सागर के सीने पर सवार होकर आतताइयों ने कोई 800 किलो आरडीएक्स भेजा था। समुद्री सीमा नौसेना और कोस्ट गार्ड के जिम्मे है। कस्टम का अमला भी तैनात रहता है। इनमें तब भी हक की लड़ाई थी, आज भी जारी है। 15 साल बाद इसी समुद्री छाती को चीरकर फिर आतंकी आ गए!इतने सालों में कुछ सबक न लिया? कुछ न बदला? हमारी समुद्री सीमा 7000 किलोमीटर की है- जिसकी देखभाल कितनी कमजोर है इसका अंदाजा इसी से लगाया जा सकता है कि खुद रक्षा मंत्री एके एंटनी ने लोकसभा में स्वीकारा था कि आतंकी समुद्री मार्ग से आ सकते हैं।

स्वीकारा तो सही,.. लेकिन किया क्या..? और उसी मार्ग से आतंकी आ ही गए तो एंटनी, शिवराज पाटिल की तरह पद पर बने हुए क्यों हैं ? इस हमले में एनएसजी का एक लेब्राडॉर डॉग मारा गया, वहीं सैकड़ों कबूतर भी चल बसे। वे गोलियों से नहीं दहशत से मरे। एक फोटो में गोलियां चलाते हुए हमारे एक सैनिक के चारों ओर ढेरों कबूतर दिख रहे हैं। वे उड़ क्यों नहीं गए? संभवत: वे जानते थे कि ये गोलियां जान बचाने के लिए चलाई जा रही है- इसलिए डटे रहो। हिन्दुस्तान की कसम।

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The complicated act of Marriage...

Finally, Diwali break is over... finally I am back to Noida with lot of memories and a new kind of experience. I was just browsing through my Facebook account and saw a quote from a friend,
“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love.”
This quote triggered something inside, I am definitely NOT "love, pyar etc" kind of guy. The trigger is for the simple logic is this quote. It was more about "compatible" and "satisfying weirdness", then anything else. 

This time it was not the usual Diwali, but "Guy of Marriageable Age in Our Family Diwali", so find a girl for him... after successfully dodging for many years, finally that moment came when I had to gear up for my very first "interview". Things went much better than expectations, and second round of interview we even better... but at the end of that day I left wondering about the whole system. If its all about "compatibility" and "satisfying weirdness" then why so many formalities, why all those "Gotra", "Rashi", "Mangal", "Shani" comes into picture. People say its science and it as passed test of time, and quite frankly I have seen its success. But, when it comes to me... I am not ready to accept that my birth time, rashi and place has to do anything with my future. We are defined by our own deeds, two people born at same place and same time could be very different, its all about how you were brought up and how you handle your self. They why so much complications. 

With time society update itself, may be in old times this was the best way to go about things but in the age of ICT, things are much different. I think a Facebook profile or a blog page can tell much more about a person then Kundali... specially when they brings up insecurity. For example, you like a person and he/she like to too... you both fit into "compatibility" and "satisfaction" criteria, things were going well until one person found out incompatibility in Kundali... I think this is the beginning of an end...

As far as I think of myself, I am more of a confused kind of person when it comes to relationships. So why not simplify life a bit...

P.S.- I am a believer of arranged marriage! *conditions apply ;)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Just a comeback!

Someday everything in life will make perfect sense. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. 

~ Poulo Coelho