Sunday, June 9, 2013

Parallel Thinking

I have been reading lot of articles on power of human brain and its untapped capabilities. That lead me to some self observation and thinking, and I came across one interesting capability of human brain, parallel thinking! The content of this blog could be familiar to many of you, and for some it might me something practiced but never used.

Have you ever observed that you are thinking two or more different things at the same time? I am not talking about sequential thinking over multiple issues one-after-other in a repetitive way; I am talking about thinking at the same time, multiple issues at the same moment of time. People can think about two, three or multiple things at the same time depending upon their mental capability and control over brain.

Think about this amazing power, with control and practice you could be ultimate multitasker. Performing multiple thought processes at the same time, could be something that we all would like to achieve it will help in achieving lot of time saving and realizing true mental abilities. I have been practicing it every day, and got some success in running two parallel thought processes at the same time. It’s an amazing feeling, it all started with my recent work load, and requirement to discussions at with many people at the same time. I started to realize that I can discuss on one topic with one person, at the same time thinking about other work item giving due attention to both of them. Speaking and thinking in two different processes was easy, but true parallel thinking took lot more practice and concentration. I am still thriving to master it completely.

It will be really interesting to share my experiences and experiments and hear from others who may be interested in the same, that’s why I thought of putting it on blog…

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